Dimitri Livitz

Computational Scientist and Engineer

I'm an currently pursuing my PhD in Chemical Engineering at Columbia University. I have previously worked in computational biology at the Broad Institute. I am now pursuing the study of optimal experimental design in systems chemistry and colloidal robotics with Dr. Kyle Bishop.

Publication Spotlight
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Growth dynamics in naturally progressing chronic lymphocytic leukaemia *
Nature volume 570, pages 474-479 (2019)

We analysed the indolent growth of CLL by reconstruction of the diseased cell population from DNA sequencing data. This analysis was made possible by our Bayesian clustering tool PhylogicNDT. In addition to manuscript work, my contribution was my work on PhylogicNDT as well as data analysis and visualization.

Comprehensive analysis of tumour initiation, spatial and temporal progression under multiple lines of treatment *
bioRxiv (2019)

This paper is where we first published the new iteration of PhylogicNDT. We have used it to reconstruct the trajectory of tumor growth in lung adenocarcinoma. My contribution was work on the clustering component as well as data visualization and analysis.

* co-first author

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